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Jul 23,  · video embedded · create teams of you and computer players as you grab guns and try to blast the ai.

Nov 11,  · mythologic interactive forums here you can talk about other things not related to superfighters deluxe or other games by mythologic interactive. The first version of these bots will only be able to do basic. Now it's high time for a superfighters deluxe status update! Free download superfighters deluxe beta - a fast paced action platformer that has multiple players join in several last man standing arenas.

Superfighters deluxe is an action platformer in the style of . Nov 05,  · superfighters deluxe (superfighters deluxe

Mythologic interactive have been chipping away at their next project, superfighters deluxe, and now it is. Video embedded · you might remember a popular submission back in titled superfighters, a game by johan hjarpe and gurt. Superfighters 2 is one of the best old school fighting game whith loth of modes and surprises. Enter the dangerous arena of skilled super fighters unblocked to fight against enemies in different sizes that want to kill you in return. Superfighters deluxe is a multiplayer 2d action game where little flat-headed men fight to the death in small and highly destructible arenas.

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