Does anyone know how to add the "-disablepagefilecheck" fix to the steam version of watch_dogs? Make a shortcut to the game and add "-disablepagefilecheck" without the quotation marks after the target and the stuttering.

Disable the paging un-check automatically manage paging file size for. I bought a physical copy of watch dogs for pc and i heard that disabling the page file check can improve framerates. Hi guys, just wondering exactly what -disablepagefilecheck does?

There is a recommendation to disablepagefilecheck in order to prevent stuttering on a high end pc.

I have been searching cant find good answer, i have the game currently running at ultra with no aa. I haven't searched online yet, just wondering what a page file is.

A system page file acts as a software emulation of random access memory (ram) in the event your computer lacks a sufficient amount. If you have a computer with a hefty amount of ram, would you gain any benefits from disabling the page file or should you just leave well enough alone? Windows uses a page file to store data that can’t be held by your computer’s random-access memory when it fills up.

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